The M60 and M80 machines include modular technology enabling users of both models to interchange alternative units such as for feeding and delivery. This makes any combination of set-up possible and improves flexibility and simplicity, according to UK & Ireland agent Friedheim International.

The M60 is suitable for B2 work and has an in-feed width of 62cm while the M80 has B1 capability and an in-feed width of 83cm. Both folders are capable of working at a maximum production speed of up to 230m a minute and both feature touch-screen control.

The M80 is available now and costs from £40,000 to £180,000. The M60 is due for availability in 2014 and prices are being finalised.

According to MBO, the M80 is the world’s only fully adaptable folder, giving users flexibility to install add-on components after your initial purchase. If a new job comes along the M80 can be reconfigured to meet the new demands.