This particular PaperlinX and World Land Trust certification has also been awarded to fourteen printers, including Healeys Print Group, Potts Print (UK) and 21 Colour.

The scheme involves a firm inputting its primary energy consumption figures using an online calculator. These figures are then verified by the Edinburgh Centre of Carbon Management (ECCM) using evidence submitted by the printer. The ECCM also approves the methodology and conversion factor used by PaperLinX.

“Unavoidable carbon emissions” are offset through The World Land Trust’s land purchase initiatives, where ecologically important forest areas under threat of clearance are purchased. The business is then licensed for 12 months to use a Carbon Balanced Publication logo on jobs using carbon balanced paper and which are registered online.

Paul Bussingham, business development manager at Media Print Group said: “We want to be as strong as possible environmentally. We chose The World Land Trust because they are saving critically threatened forest.”

He added: “In the future government legislation is going to drive most to carbon offset anyway. And while clients aren’t necessarily demanding this, it’s a nice add-on. We are always looking for an edge and this will give us that edge.”

Jonathan Tame, carbon reduction and environment manager at PaperlinX, said: “This scheme is unique because the benefits are wider than carbon removal. It’s about preserving very high value areas of forest.”

He added: “There are of course different market options for carbon offsetting now and I think choice is good- people can find the best option for them.”