The Warrington company has secured the exclusive UK licence for the Ecodomes technology, which provides an alternative to injection moulded badges and does away with the need to use mercury in the production process.

It markets the product as Eco Badges.

“It’s better for the environment than a resin badge. In 2016 there will be European legislation that will require the use of mercury-free resin,” explained production manger Christian Raihani. “We only use PVC and polyester in Eco Badges, and they can also be polyester and polyurethane if the client doesn’t want PVC.”

The production method combines digital UV printing with layers of specialist materials – including chrome effects if required – that are then high-frequency welded together to formulate the badge and create the raised effect.

Raihani said target markets including vehicle badging, white goods, phone covers and textiles.

The firm showed a range of badge styles created using the system at last month’s Fespa exhibition, with samples that included textures and fine detailing.

“We’ve had an extremely good reaction, particularly in the textile market for workwear. They’ve been absolutely wowed by it. Eco Badges offer better durability than embroidery and are easier to apply,” he added.

“We’ve also had lots of interest from major car manufacturers and transport companies.”

Price per badge varies from 50p to £10 depending on size and complexity. The initial tooling costs between £150-£500.

Once setup is complete, individual badges can be made in less than a minute, and can be used immediately without any curing time. The badges are also fully outdoor durable.

The maximum size is 400x300mm although larger-sized logos can be produced by nesting elements of the design.

Family-owned Motique ( employs 15 staff and has turnover of £2m. It produces a range of products including plaques, badges, labels and posters.