Proofscope Live was launched at Drupa 2012 but will be made commercially available at the show, said a spokesman, adding the Fespa market was especially important for this type of product.

“The key benefit is the system gives you the ability to make last-minute corrections and is targeted at quite a broad spread of customers in Europe, from signage and commercial printing to labels and packaging. It’s easily tailored for different sectors,” he said.

Managing director Jan Ruysschaert said: “It is a simple PDF that you can view, open and edit via a normal browser, and is unique. It allows you to make corrections in an environment where you don’t have the time to send the file down to a customer to receive and make remarks.”

The company said its product was an “enhancement” to its exisiting Proofscope software that allowed online soft proofing, annotation, viewing and live editing. Proofscope Live works with HTML 5 and JavaScript and can be used with any tablet or mobile, unlike many other systems, it said. A five-user licence costs €10,000.

“No Flash code or Java applets are used, eliminating the security bottlenecks that exist with many other soft proofing tools. The correction tools in Proofscope Live provide document reviewers with powerful capabilities,” said Ruysschaert.

“Being able to make last-minute corrections without having to contact the designer, upload new artwork, reproof the updated job enables enormous time savings to be achieved. It can cut hours off a production cycle and make the difference between missing or meeting deadlines,” he added.

Hybrid Software will also use Fespa from 25 to 29 June to show off its Order Lifecycle Management system, which aims to help users efficiently manage orders throughout the production lifecycle by integrating existing hardware, software and workflows.

“The greatest challenge facing companies throughout all areas of the graphic arts sector is how to increase productivity and profits and reduce operating costs without having to make a significant investment,” said Ruysschaert of the product which was originally launched in 2011.