J-Cube RF40 and KF40 are both available in CMYK and meet the demand for inks to “suit a new generation of printheads”, said the company. The water-based piezo inks in 5kg and 25kg containers will be commercially available at the show.

J-Cube RF40 is for use on printers equipped with Ricoh printing heads, while J-Cube KF40 can be used on kit fitted with Kyocera printing heads, said the company, which specialises in digital inks for textile and graphic applications.

Business operations manager Rosaria Pozzoni said: “The inks can go on coated paper and direct on to polyester. All the new machines equipped with Kyocera or Ricoh printheads can use the inks.”

She said the inks were for powerful industrial digital printers and were targeted at printers of sports kits and those producing banners and flags. She did not give costs and said her company was lining up dealerships in the UK.

J-Teck3 was formed in 2003 and is run by technical and production manager Enrico Grasselli, sales and marketing manager Italo Mariani and business operations manager Rosaria Pozzoni, with backgrounds in the screen printing and textile fields.

The firm is based in Albese con Cassano in Italy, but has a presence in the US, Australia and Brazil. Other products include J-Feeder, a bulk feeding system for piezo printers and EPS System for direct-to-textile, double-sided printing.