Modo Northern Light, which is manufactured at Metsä Board’s Husum mill in Sweden, is a lightweight, uncoated liner with high whiteness that can be used as a top liner, as fluting or as a reverse side liner.

It is made from fresh forest fibres and is suitable for direct contact with sensitive products such as food, said the company, which is supplying the product via its base in Finland or UK sales office in Maidenhead.

Vice president for sales of linerboards Risto Auero said: “It comes in all the standard sizes used in the corrugated industry as well as bespoke sizes. Prices will range from around €750 (£630) to €950 (£800) per tonne. Reel diameters are 1,250mm and widths to suit customer needs.”

Modo Northern Light is available in weights from 80-160gsm and has a bright white shade, making it suitable for applications such as perfume, beautycare, healthcare and packaging for mobile devices. It also performs well in larger applications, such as online and mail-order packaging, according to Metsä Board.

“This complements our Kemiart range of white top kraftliners by providing even more options for our customers,” added Auero. “Modo Northern Light helps meet demand for lighter-weight packaging and opens up exciting opportunities for combining a lighter l

iner with fluting in innovative ways.”