Remember when you would receive $50 for listening to a vacation timeshare pitch?  Later it became a vacation club pitch?  Remember when the $50 soared to $100?  Well now the approach is changing.  First of all, I received the pitch through the mail.  This I loved since at least a stamp was involved and the USPS would earn a few cents toward their financial woes (another story!). 

OK, so here is the pitch:  I am being offered a Google Tablet with the Android Software AND $100 restaurant gift card if I meet certain qualifications AND attend a 1.5 hour program being held locally.  Of course I have only 72 hours to respond….starting when?  I can’t tell.  Anyway, as mentioned above, the giveaway is for sitting through a vacation club pitch and meeting certain qualifications; in other words, so I could actually pay for the offer. 

Lastly, on the return address, Google’s name is placed on the corner–as if the offer is from Google.  Get this—even says “verification of delivery information required..”  Do you think Google would be proud of its brand being used this way?

  Would I like a free Google Tablet?  Sure.  Will I go for the pitch?  What do you think?