The devices are the third offering in the Videojet 1000 series of inkjet printers.

“Typical applications include beverage and canning and other high-code content demands, such as the dairy sector,” said Videojet business unit manager Jose Gomez.

The new UHS printers were over 40% faster than their predecessor technology, the Videojet Excel UHS, he added. Several companies, including Britvic, have trialled the kit on their packaging.

Single line maximum speed of the kit is 508m per minute; dual-line top speed is 212m per minute, while tri-line capacity is 179m per minute. Other key features include CleanFlow technology to resist ink build-up, reducing downtime and offering intervals of up to 14,000 hours between maintenance cycles, according to the manufacturer.

There is no difference between the speed of the printers, however the 1650 UHS has an advanced user interface including a 10.4in touchscreen. It also has code-assurance and on-board productivity tools to help reduce coding errors.

“The introduction of the 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS now provides customers with an answer to the traditional problem of balancing the need for high-content codes and high-quality print at ever increasing production line speeds,” said Gomez.

He added: “We are dedicated to continuously working toward reducing the frequency and length of both planned and unplanned downtime so our printers are performing at maximum ability and readiness.”