The Derby-based arm of US print supplier Nustream, is supporting its expansion with a new warehouse, opened in January, enabling it to stock both the portfolio of inks and plates and offer next-day delivery.

Nustream is initially concentrating its efforts on supplying IBF’s Million DV plate, which is suitable for customers that require B2 and B3 violet CTP plates. The firm then intends to offer plates for the thermal laser sector later this year.

The group has also added Veramax inkjet inks, designed for Epson Stylus Pro machines, to its supply base. These are available in either 220ml cartridges or in bulk formats and are claimed to offer “significant savings” over buying the original products.

Nustream claim that the 220ml offers up to 40% savings while the bulk units are said to offer up to 70% savings.

Nustream Europe business development manager Colin Taylor, said: “We believe these products offer unrivalled value for money without compromising on quality.”

Canadian soft proofing developer and supplier Nustream Graphic made its inroads into the UK market with the formation of Nustream Europe in late 2010.

Nustream Europe handles the distribution and development of its Proofstream products, as well as a number of digital presses, CTP, inks and workflows.

The group is encouraging users to switch to IBF plates or Veramax inks by offering them 12 months free use of the Proofstream online collaborative proofing software, which it values at more than £1200.