This is a serious decision … sort of.  My usual check on the Social Media Field Guide RRS feed or my Inbox (not sure which … it may have been both) led me to discover free content from Hubspot and David Meerman Scott who is now the marketer in residence for Hubspot. First, I find Hubspot a terrific example of content development & distribution marketing and I have enjoyed all the Meerman Scott ebooks/books. So to discover the two are working together, I knew I was on to something good to review; and, better yet, learn more on marketing.

Then I received a Tweet about the Old Spice Guy vs Fabio ad campaign. Now, I was in a quandary … which should I check out first? (Full disclosure: I find Mustafa definitely cool but feel guilty checking out his videos on the job!) The Old Spice Guy ad campaign example has been used in Julie Shaffer’s and my book, Social Media Field Guide, so I am compelled to do an update on anything happening with Mustafa (p. 20 in SMFG). Did I mention that this relieved my guilt? I recall Fabio from years past, but I was not a particular fan of his. But the ad campaign pitting the two of them against one another … very, very clever. 

Given that I decided to work on this project at home, my decision was to review both items for my blog entry!

 Ultimate Marketing Guide by Hubspot and David Meerman Scott

First things first—download this free guide which is actually an interactive PowerPoint or webinar. The guide is an excellent quick read of some major points and questions that I see/hear regularly from members. There are 15 “episodes” with easy “how to” titles and quick answers that get to the point. Since there are 34 total pages in the guide with half the pages in “titles,” you can read this fast and take a few notes. Meerman Scott encourages you to Tweet this “webinar,” and share it. I had “takeaways” on every page. Yes, it was not all new, but it is good to be reinforced with some information. Check it out. My favorite episodes were:  #7 related to “How to Learn from Companies Outside Your Industry (reinforced what I believe) and #14 “What is the Future of Social Media Marketing”… definitely liked the analogy between formerly using “e-business” and now “e” has disappeared and it is all about business. Moreover, “social media marketing” will morph into “marketing” with no distinction but social media tools will be another channel in the total marketing plan. Don’t delay, there is a “how to” episode for everyone!  

Ok, now to Old Spice Guy vs Fabio … what can I say?  It is cute, I think the final scene with Fabio and a balloon says it all. Don’t feel guilty; check it out. The campaign is very engaging and if someone asks why you are watching you can say that you are “learning from another industry” campaign. Enjoy!