The MTEX 5032, suitable for lightboxes, home textile decoration, flags and interiors runs at up to 58sq m/hr and offers a maximum print quality of 1,440 dpi. It costs around €159,900 (£136,400).

The company said that the vibrant colours and intense blacks produced by the new machine meant that dramatic lightbox and wall graphics could be produced at “a standard never seen before for the same price”.

The new kit, which follows last year’s launch of the MTEX 3200, similarly features an inline infrared fixation unit.

Stewart Bell, Managing director of POD’s UK distributor DPI, said: “It’s a one-step process – you don’t have to put it through a separate heat press. This saves between 30% and 40% of production time and there is only one footprint instead of two footprints.”

POD has released a series of Fespa preview vídeos on its whole family of pofessional digital textile printers to “whet the apetite” on machines including the MTEX 1800, MTEX 500, MTEX 5032 and MTEX Turbosub, the latter which is set to be unveiled at the event.

POD chief executive Eloi Ferreira said: “By releasing these vídeos before Fespa companies will able to see the machines in advance, know what they want, and book a timed one-on-one demonstration.”