The Vutek is the third investment to be made as part of this push. A period of growth over the last 24 months and in particular in the last 12, has also seen the company invest in a Kongsberg XPi 24 digital cutter, in August 2012, and a Supracoater 1600 liquid laminator, last December.

The Vutek joins PressOn’s arsenal of latex printers, an HP LX850, HP LS6500 and HP L25500, and its HPZ6100 and DuPont Cromaprint 22UV UV-curable large format printers.

The machine was chosen for its in-line multi-layer print capability and greyscale technology with variable droplets and for its ability to print pure white ink on coloured substrates. The Vutek will be linked to PressOn’s existing GMG colour management software.

Joint founding managing director of PressOn, Andy Wilson commented: “Our customers have always insisted upon high quality print from us, but the demand for the absolute best image quality has become more and more evident. To continue to satisfy customers in this higher premium market we needed a machine that was flexible, could print on any substrate even on heavily textured materials. With the tight deadlines our customers need, high production speeds were extremely important too.”

Robin East, sales and marketing director at supplier CMYUK added: “Combining true greyscale capability with a very wide colour gamut is complemented by the Vutek QS2 Pro’s versatility on rigid and flexible materials, plus its optimised ink usage for lower costs per print.”

PressOn reported that further investments would be made later this month to complete this investment phase. Company turnover, which increased by 38% from 2011 to 2012, is expected to increase by 10% per annum for the next three years as a result of the investments.