Print is all around us: it’s in the books and magazines we read, on the packages on our shelves, on the fabric of our clothing. Some of the most visually stunning printing have even won Premier Print Awards. Print is alive, and it is to this idea that we dedicate our new social site. If you have not joined Printing Industries of America on Pinterest yet, we would love to share with you our “Gallery of Print.” We are showcasing everything that is important to us—and important to you.

What Is Pinterest?

Some of you may be asking, “What is Pinterest?” It is, basically, a “virtual board” that lets you organize and share interesting photos that you find online. Voted one of TIME Magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2011,” the new social media craze allows you to socialize with other pinners because you can browse their boards and “re-pin,”” like,” or “comment” on their photos.  Just visit to start an account, start building your boards, and following others.

Is It Time for You to Get Involved?

We asked our resident expert, Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Technologies at Printing Industries of America and head of the Digital Printing Council, which will also host the 2012 Integrated Print Forum this October, for some tips on how to utilize Pinterest to fit into your marketing mix by highlighting your printing products and services:

“You might think that Pinterest has more value for individuals than businesses. After all, while stats show that Pinterest is growing rapidly. With over 21 million unique visits, it is heavily skewed toward females (over 80% of users) interested in crafts, hobbies, interior design, and fashion.

Why, then, would a printing company want to have a presence there? Because,  unlike most other widely-used social media platforms, Pinterest provides a way to present a highly organized grouping of visual elements—so a company can show off specific products around a vertical market (like the ones already there, including retail and hobbies), a product type (calendars, stickers, books), or a holiday, event, or specific topic.

Pinterest has become a top driver to many well-known websites, including those for Martha Stewart, Cooking Light, and Country Living. Note that all of those aforementioned brands have a magazine, too, so odds are it’s a potential print driver for them as well! Interactive marketing solution provider Strongmail considers Pinterest an effective channel that can be integrated into existing direct mail marketing initiatives. (The company recently announced the integration of Pinterest sharing with its word-of-mouth customer acquisition product Strongmail Influencer.)  Pinterest offers a business library on the site that provides case studies, statistics, vertical markets, tutorials, and many other valuable materials to help businesses leverage the platform. Take a look and get started pinning!”

Take Julie’s advice and look into Pinterest for your business, or, feel free to just have fun with a personal page! Take some more design inspiration from some of the top-followed brand boards such as Whole Foods and Better Homes and Gardens. Either way, we invite you to follow Printing Industries of America on Pinterest to share with the world all of the beauty, creativity, and craftsmanship that make up print. Follow us, and we will follow you back. Post your site here for others and start growing your business with Pintrest!