Welcome to Printing Industries of America’s blog! We know it’s important as ever to engage with our members and provide them with the resources and information they need to succeed in this industry, and this blog will go a long way toward achieving those goals. This blog will feature posts written by our experienced staff on a variety of topics. You can look forward to reading about becoming a more efficient printer, green printing, how politics can impact printing, digital printing, cross-media marketing, and so much more.

Additionally, this blog will let you get to know more about Printing Industries of America. Have you ever wondered how we develop a conference? Or what becomes of the recipients of our awards, like the Premier Print Awards Best of Show? Well, this blog is a platform where we can share some of this information and better showcase the videos and audio recordings we produce.

The Printing Industries of America blog will open a doorway to building a community where printers can come to share ideas, resources, and find useful nuggets of information. You can look forward to updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Be sure to bookmark this page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We’re really excited to be able to produce this blog, and we hope you’ll help it grow by actively participating on blog posts.