One stand-out publication, on the abstract sculptor Sir Anthony Caro, was run off a six-colour litho press with inline coater. The slipcase was also printed on the same press in black on Optima greyback on the greyside leaving the white side to line the case. The 8pp jacket was printed one side in CMYK with a matt seal. Books were thread sewn and OTA-bound using cold glue and short grain paper to have the grain run with the spine. The printed jacket was creased and hand folded and the books inserted into the slipcase to ensure an immaculate job from the team in Uckfield, East Sussex. 01825 768811


Berforts Butler Tanner & Dennis 01373 451500

Production for Ian Lawson’s From the Land Comes the Cloth told a story of its own. Berforts Butler Tanner & Dennis’s large-format press was used for 32 pages on each sheet and folding into 16-page sections. Binding involved 200gsm offset material and a case made with 3500-micron boards in Brillianta cloth, all singled out for praise by the judges.


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