Artwork for the Paper Rose cards was supplied via FTP for proofing using Sherwood’s inkjet proofing system. The cards were then litho printed in a six-colour Hexachrome set of vegetable-based inks with an overall semi-matt varnish with offline spot UV varnish. The range of cards was multi-level textured embossed on the face of the card. The Hexachrome print on this range was a key to success and the emboss on the characters made them come to life. Brightness gave the cards shelf presence and helped to drive product selection and sales, while landing top prize and praise this year for the Sherwood Press Group. 0115 928 7766


Loxleys Print 0114 250 1150

The ‘Back to Black’ card was clean, simple, striking and “stunningly printed”, said the judges. Both texture and visual appearance of intricate detail on the thermographic process, which involved clear thermographic print with black ink, was of upmost importance. The cards were printed single-colour litho.


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