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Promotional Products: An Affair to Remember

Promotional products are globally recognized as a powerful part of brand reinforcement, and advertisers can’t get enough.

A Love Story: The Advertiser & the Promotional Product

Did you know that 86% of those who own promotional products remember the advertiser? On average, people in the U.S. own 10 promo products. Whether it’s a calendar, a reusable bag, or coffee mug, logos and brand messages are memorable because they are visible.

The Perfect Match: The Advertiser and the Distributor

How well do promotional products work? In 2013, the industry earned $20.5 billion. So, where do promotional products come from, and who’s profiting from them? When advertisers need products for a special promotion, they seek out distributors to generate ideas and place orders with suppliers.

The First Date: Getting Started as a Distributor

Becoming a distributor can be as easy and profitable. Let’s do the math: The average order from a single end-buyer is $1,061. Five orders per year will bring in $5,305. The average small distributor services 94 clients per year, bringing that total up to $498,670 a year.

You don’t have to quit your day job. Many business owners sell promotional products in addition to their primary business. You can earn more money from existing customers. For instance, printers can upsell high-end products like embroidered jackets and engraved awards, to their customers, along with their regular orders. Intrigued?

Happily Ever After

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