The option to upgrade from four to five or six colours, already avalable for other Indigo models, is now being offered on the B2-format Indigo 10000s, thanks to HP’s IndiChrome ink range.

Sussex-based Pureprint is hoping to add orange and violet colour stations in August to enhance corporate colour matching accuracy on its machine.

“It’s about bringing the 10000 inline with the capabilities of our three 7500s,” said group technical director Aaron Archer. He added that the group’s second Indigo 10000, due to be installed later this year, will also probably be configured with six colours.

According to HP, a number of other 10000 owners are also looking to upgrade their B2 presses. However, Precision Printing, which this week hosted an event to highlight the capabilities of the 10000, is sticking with four colours for now, while the German arm of Elanders is reportedly looking at upgrading to six.

Though Pureprint are opting to add orange and violet, according to HP, any two-colour combination of orange, violet and green can be added. A retrofittable upgrade to a five or six colour system will cost around £25,000 per colour station added, the same as with new installations of five or six colour Indigo 10000s.

Though he reported high interest in additional colours, HP product manager for commercial sheetfed presses Erik Brammer said that 10000 users were most eagerly awaiting the introduction of white ink early next year.

“A lot of customers are desperately waiting for the white ink. That enables so many POS applications where white can really add value if you print CYMK on top of that or you can print on transparent substrates to create very high value pieces,” Brammer added.

A further option of upgrading to seven colours will be available around September/October. Also available from this date will the possibility of ordering spot colours mixed by HP from 11 base inks, which will allow users to access 97% of the Pantone colour gamut, according to Bammer. As of early 2014, Indigo 10000 owners will also be able to install their own spot colour ink mixing systems.

Also in the pipeline for early 2014 are upgrade options to enable automatic blanket replacement and continuous colour calibration linked to ICC profiles.