Ok, I realize I am behind the times on this Internet craze.  How about you?  A WSJ article caught my attention today with the headline: “How Planking Became the Internet’s Latest Bored Game.” 

If you, like me,  have been guilty of monitoring such topics as the debt limit crises, healthcare efforts, 2012 candidates, and other items of national concern.  Or perhaps you have been concerned about your printing business sales, regulations, taxes etc.  Or, as in my position, creating a new program, budgets, helping members, and the like, it is time for a break.

 From reality to the ridiculous….planking.

 In case you missed this fad, planking is lying face down and maintaining your body in a ridged position, arms at your side.  Choose a weird but safe place, strike a “pose” of planking, take a picture, and post it on the Internet.  Obviously, if on a chair or in a tree or on a step or on an unusual object, you would need to safely balance yourself.  Pictures galore are on the Internet. http://prnt.in/Zwt  (Be careful with the images since I stumbled upon nude plankers (pictures not real people of course :),  and a snare for an adult website.)

 One unfortunate planker  has actually died attempting this crazy game resulting in falling off a seventh floor balcony.  http://prnt.in/Zwv   How sad, really.

 I will admit the photos of plankers or should I say “planksters” are cute, amazing, and even silly.  I confess, I tried it on a kitchen chair, and yes, it works.  My advice?…stick with the yoga plank pose.  Your friends may not think you are so cool but your abs will love it!

 Here is the entire WSJ planking  article:  http://prnt.in/Zik  And http://prnt.in/ZiZ   Plank yoga pose.  Just in case you forgot!