Easypurl gives users the ability to generate personalised QR codes and personalised URLs (PURLs) and can integrate with social media channels to create personalised and pre-populated landing pages.

RedTie managing director Jamie Thomson said: “It handles emails, QR codes and can generate personalized URLs. It’s a bit like Google Analytics and tells you about browsers and locations of people when they open emails. It is targeted at marketing agencies and printers aiming to offer more complete marketing solutions to customers.

“Printers can be isolated by providing only one part of a client’s marketing mix instead of a full multi-channel offering. We chose Easypurl for the simplicity of its back-end tools with no web skills required.”

Red-Tie, which already has a partnership with Easypurl in the US, will make the software available to customers in the UK and Ireland on a software-as-a-service (saas) basis from Novemeber 2013. The technology will cost around £1,700 initial fee and a monthly charge around the £400 mark.

“Not every print provider will want to take this multi-channel route,” said Thomson. “But our growing client base wants the widest possible suite of tools to help them grow sales and provide a single-source service.”

He added: “We are often told the print industry isn’t the best at marketing itself and engaging with its customers. We all need to improve our marketing reach and to more fully interact with our customers and prospects. Here is a great chance to do just that with quick and easy tools.”