The Coulsdon, Surrey-based operation, which is the UK inplant of the imaging and electronics giant, purchased the Renz AP 360 automatic punch and Renz MOBI 360 semi-automatic wire-binder.

Production manager Alec Bennett said: “The punch is so mechanical and there are no circuit boards or software to go wrong, while the wire-binder is as well built and robust as the punch.”

He said the AP 360 punching machine had removed all punching bottlenecks for wire binding, saving labour time and money. Before buying the kit, the 50-staff company used smaller bits of equipment for punching around 20 pieces of paper at a time.

“The additional purchase of a four-hole punching die for the machine has led to considerable savings from pre-punching sheets for loose-leaf binders without the need to drill,” said Bennett.

The MOBI 360 semi-automatic wire-binder meanwhile enabled the business to replace six temporary workers, who used to tackle predominantly A6 work by hand. Now only one person was needed to operate a machine that binds two at a time to double outputs over a given time.

“We have bought lots of kit in the past year, having gone from 12m to 15m images a year and all of that goes through the finishing department,” he said. “The kit will pay for itself; the MOBI 360 has already made significant savings on labour costs.

“Both machines are portable, single-phase, have very easy and fast makereadies and require no air. The Renz installation and the training on both machines went smoothly and we are pleased with the savings.”