The following is contributed by Ryan T. Sauers, President and Owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies

The entire sales process is often looked down on by many due to pushy, gimmicky, and unethical salespersons who create a bad name for the overall and traditional sales profession. Most salespersons I know, however, have a great passion for their endeavor and try to perform it as honestly and ethically as possible. You see, ethical sales = great communications. Our communications must provide the 5 Cs of effective communications: Clarity, Consistency, Content, Connection and Creativity. If our communications are not clear, lack content, are inconsistent, do not provide connections, and lack creativity, we are not getting the job done.

Sales is all about two-way communications—with an “s” —and a two-way dialogue, not one-way communication (singular) and a monologue. Success in sales/communications is not about how much you talk, but about how much you listen. It’s not about how many times you share how great your company is, but how many problems and headaches you can solve. 

Sales/communications (plural) is about relationships and integrity. It’s about solving root issues by asking intelligent “why” questions. This Everyone is in Sales mindset is about being a strong overall communicator and adapting one’s communications style to best meet the needs of the other person. In short, Everyone Is in Sales because we all have information that we desire to share with other people. We want to be understood, right? Are you sold yet?

Ryan T. Sauers is President and Owner of Sauers Consulting Strategies. Before launching the independent consulting firm, Ryan spent nearly 20 years leading graphics, MSP, and visual communications companies. The company consults with graphics related organizations across the United States. He is the author of Everyone Is in Sales, available at the Printing Industries of America bookstore. For more info, visit