Joint managing director Paul Deane said: “This new release is simply one of the most significant updates to the Shuttleworth MIS for some time.”

The release includes a new iPhone & iPad mobile customer relationship management app, giving sales teams instant access to company, contact and enquiry details while away from the office.

“Improved, immediate communication across the system includes this new app. Enquiries can be viewed and updated in real time and addresses linked into most satellite navigation systems.”

Additionally a new job-tracking functionality called Milestones automatically updates jobs, making it simpler and quicker to view the status of any job, according to the company.

Implementation administrator Dawn Safford said: “Milestones’ job tracking gives clear visibility of where a job is at any time. The information was always there but this makes it easier to find through things like colour coding.”

The package was unveiled at user meetings in June and is now commercially available. The whole package costs around £10,000 and modules around £3,000 each.

Multisets Print Solutions managing director Iain Cox, who has already installed the system, said: “It has given complete transparency to the business, without having to search.

“Information is a click of a button away and the format is presented in a completely user friendly way so that anyone can access and look at information instantly.”

Shuttleworth Business Systems is running a new webinar program to coincide with the new release and also has a 5.3 YouTube Playlist where users can view the package’s functionality.