The 50-staff company in Swindon, Wiltshire, uses the system for production, sales, delivery and shop-floor data collection, said managing director Iain Cox, who said the latest upgrade was a major release.

“New developments include a new job tracking function ‘Milestones’ and an iPhone and iPad mobile CRM app. The system has more of a Windows feel and lets you know exactly how many jobs and estimates we’ve done in a day at a click rather than having to run of streams of reports,” said Cox.

“The mobile CRM app is enabling me and the sales team to log into the Shuttleworth system to find out details about customers such as location maps and the events planed for them. It makes it a lot easier and cleaner.”

The Milestones job tracking feature integrates and updates all job information making it quick and easy to view the status of any job as it progresses. Multisets can see real-time job information, giving them more control over work and production planning and improving communication, added Cox.

The 50-staff company produces pads, DM for charities and integrated labels for dispatch in the online market. Kit includes an eight-colour Rotatek with UV drying, a four-colour Concept also with UV drying and two Tamarack finishing lines. The company is on track to make £4.8m turnover this year.