Launched in January, the Omega 2 offers light cyan and light magenta on top of the standard CYMK colourset. According to Durst it can handle a wide range of heat-sensitive substrates thanks to the addition of UV-LED drying technology.

Surrey-based Signbox is the fifth UK printer to install the Omega. Other installs have been made at First2Print in Sunderland and Print & Cut in Stockport.

Signbox’s machine was delivered at the start of this week and was supplied by London-based large-format reseller Perfect Colours, the exclusive UK distributor for Durst Omega entry-level, wide-format UV inkjet printers as of last November when they took over from Durst’s previous Omega 1 distribution partner Spandex.

Signbox decided to upgrade its Omega 1 model to boost the quality of its range of poster, illuminated signage, vehicle, banner, wallpaper and modular signage prints, particularly on skin tones. The new printer will also allow the company to print ‘Fire Exit’ signs on heat sensitive heat acrylic.

“The Omega 1 was brilliant and we’ve done an awful lot with it,” said Signbox managing director Mark Bartlett. “But we wanted to expand our capabilities. We will now be able to print faster on white, higher quality and the new LED technology will help us lower our environmental impact.”