Its most recent wallpaper product, 3258 Prepasted WallpaperSol Persomural 225 satin, was launched around three months ago and is compatible with solvent-based or mild solvent pigmented inks as well as IR-latex and UV curing inks.

Operations director Ian Turnbull said: “The paste is within the construction so all you do is wet the paper, which makes it easier to apply. This is aimed at people using vinyl and traditional billboard applications.”

Other products include 3259 WallpaperSol Persomural 195 satin, a wallpaper compatible with solvent-based or mild solvent pigmented inks, which can be used to cover small cracks in walls.

Also on show is 3416 DuraCure Pop-up 380 matt substrate. This works with UV-curing ink and is also compatible with IR-latex inks. The company said this was an environmentally friendly media with the durability of a pop-up.

Meanwhile, 3418 LightCure Backlit Film 145 DS matt has a double-sided matt coating, and 3550 ClearSol WetCling Film 125 glossy water-activated film clings to windows or can be used as a standard clear film.