SM Finishing bought the £10,500 Tech-ni-Fold product last week and it is due to be installed at the company’s Nottingham premises on Thursday.

The company was looking for something to create a more professional look for its products and was sold on the CreaseStream when works director Tony Palethorpe visited a Technifold Open House on 19 March.

Tech-ni-Fold’s CreaseStream Plus is 20,000sph automatic creaser, micro-perforator and cutter that is claimed to eliminate cracking at high speeds.

It also enables a precise and consistent workflow by using a pre-cylinder transport roller, ensuring that the fed sheets are accurately transferred to the tooling shafts.

Managing director Gary Benner said: “We used to do our creasing through our folding machine but this gets a better result.

“We can do personalised one piece glued mailers now, promo work for clients like Gala Bingo and pizza restaurants. We are going to achieve much better results and I’ll be able to put a quality crease in quicker.

“Tony came back from the open house saying it was a great bit of kit.”

Benner added that he anticipated the new machine to increase the company’s work on higher weight paper. “If people are paying for quality grammages they want a quality crease. We’re always looking for new markets and want to become a one-stop shop,” he said.

SM Finishing has been running for nine years and has one site. It has an annual turnover of around £750,000 and 16 members of staff.