What do you want to gain at GRAPH EXPO 14?

If it’s strategies you can apply to your business, consider attending one or more GRAPH EXPO seminars presented by several Printing Industries of America experts while you’re there!

To get the most out of your experience at the biggest trade show in our industry, come pencils in hand and ready with your most vital questions—What are the smartest new technologies to invest in, and how can we apply them to our business? How can we survive in a changing market? What best practices can we use to produce the optimum output for our customers?

For eager professionals like you, there are plenty of opportunities to learn at GRAPH EXPO 14. Unfortunately, there’s just not enough time to experience it all.

To help you decide which seminars are right for you, take this four-question quiz. We’ll give you your recommended GRAPH EXPO seminar, and you can learn which sessions will be the best investment of your valuable time at the show!


1. What do I most want to learn at GRAPH EXPO 14 and take back to my company?

A. How to stay at the forefront of new growth industries as a commercial printer.

B. How to keep up to date with evolving markets.

C. How the changing economy will impact my business.

D. How to get better quality digital files in prepress.


2. If I could get insight into one aspect about my competitors’ business and strategies, it would be:

A. What do they know about some of the most out-there technologies that we don’t?

B. How are they creating new business opportunities in areas like packaging and short-run markets?

C. What strategies are different size companies using to survive in the current economy?

D. How do they consistently create color-managed, output-ready files and deliver to their customers on time?


3. My ideal learning environment includes

A. Learning the ins and outs of new technologies.

B. Hearing actual industry case studies based on other companies’ experiences.

C. Focusing on the big picture data then honing down to the micro-details.

D. Hands on instruction!


4. At my facility my primarily responsibilities include

A. Finding and assessing the newest technologies and business avenues for potential investments for sales and marketing opportunities.

B. Keeping up with industry trends so that my company doesn’t miss a profitable opportunity, whether it be for operations or sales.

C. Continuously assessing the economy and how it’s affecting our industry, our firm, and our competitors.

D. Learning the latest prepress techniques to keep my company competitive and profitable.


Your Results

Mostly As

Your GRAPH EXPO Seminar—3D Printing: NEW Profit Pathway for Commercial Printers
Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Strategies

You will learn

  • All about the 3D printing/additive manufacturing industry today
  • What’s being created, from the mundane to the most “out-there”
  • About the consumer market (under $2,000 machines) versus production market and determining where your best equipment investment lies
  • The most viable 3D printed products/markets to go after
  • What it takes to get a 3D printing operation up and running
  • Why “our” printing device vendors have an eye on this market too

Who should attend:

  • Owners and presidents
  • CTOs and CFOs
  • Production managers
  • Operations managers
  • Sales managers


Mostly Bs

Your GRAPH EXPO Seminar— The “Skinny” on Profit Opportunities in the Short Run Market
Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research

You will learn:

  • Changing market demands
  • Business structure and philosophy
  • Advantages of different print processes
  • Technological solutions to streamline the business
  • Case studies from leading companies


Who should attend:

  • Owners
  • Production managers
  • Operations managers
  • Sales managers

Trend Alert: The Evolving Role of Production Inkjet
Mark Bohan, Vice President, Technology and Research

You will learn:

  • Current state of production inkjet
  • Differences between inkjet solutions
  • Technical challenges
  • Opportunities by market segment
  • Disruptive influences on industry
  • Best business opportunities right now


Who should attend:

  • Owners and presidents
  • CTOs and CFOs
  • Production managers
  • Operations managers
  • Sales managers


Mostly Cs

Your GRAPH EXPO Seminar—Beyond Survival: NEW Success Strategies for Small and Medium Size Printers
Ed Gleeson, Director, Economic and Market Research

You will learn:

• The economic forces that can impact your business

• How the economy affects smaller businesses differently than larger firms

• Where small and medium businesses can best thrive in the marketplace

• What the future holds for smaller businesses based on today’s economy


Who should attend:

  • Owners and presidents
  • CTO’s, CFO’s


Mostly Ds

Your GRAPH EXPO Seminar— Digital Print Design: 20 Things You MUST Know Now!
Julie Shaffer, Vice President, Digital Strategies

You will learn

  • Dynamic digital printing: What are the business opportunities?
  • No-nonsense tips for handling and correcting color images for digital printing
  • Using transparency in a document: rules to follow and live versus flattened
  • Fonts: organizing, corruption, and when not to use them
  • Critical issues to consider when designing for digital printing
  • How to create PDF files that are digital-press-ready
  • Diagnostic and repair tools you must use in Adobe CS
  • Mailing considerations and limitations when designing for digital

Who should attend:

  • Designers and creatives
  • Print buyers
  • Prepress professionals
  • Anyone who works with files destined for print


Learn more about GRAPH EXPO 14 and co-located CPP EXPO at www.printing.org/graphexpo. While you’re here, don’t forget to visit the Printing Industries of America booth #3667.