Printing is a dynamic industry that creates new experiences, challenges, and issues for those who work in it. For a printing business to remain competitive, it is important to stay informed, especially on sustainable business practices and regulatory compliance topics. Printing Industries of America is happy to provide a resource for its members to stay up to date with the latest in sustainable and regulatory compliance news for the printing community in the form of a listserv.

There are a number of environmental and safety regulations impacting the printing industry, and agencies are continuously issuing new rules and enforcing standards. To avoid the costly risk of being out of compliance, they require constant monitoring and response strategies.

It’s just as vital to stay up to date with sustainability news in the printing community. Customers are becoming more concerned with the environmental impact of products, and companies are finding innovative ways to adopt economical sustainable management practices that improve their operation and business.

The Sustainable and Regulatory Affairs Listserv provides member companies with important information impacting the printing industry from the Printing Industries Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs Department. It also provides an opportunity for members to share their own expertise, tips, or concerns with the Printing Industries of America EHS staff and fellow EHS community members in the printing industry.

Want to join? Simply send an email with the subject “Subscribe SRA Listserv” to Caitlin Seiler, Environmental, Health, and Safety Specialist at If you’re already a member of the Safety Listserv you will automatically be a part of this group, there is no need to rejoin.