To better serve our members and industry, Printing Industries of America is proud to support Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership. The SGP Partnership is an industry-specific, voluntary program designed to reduce the environmental impact and increase social responsibility of the print and graphic communications industry. The Partnership certifies printers against specific criteria and requires printers to commit to making continuous improvement in the product, process, and envelope areas of the graphic arts industry.The following is contributed by SGP.

SGP-Certified Printers Make a Difference

SGP Certification does more than reduce your environmental footprint. Your business will operate more 
efficiently and save you money. Use SGP Certification to satisfy your current customers and increase 
opportunities to win new ones.

Become Certified.      Preference Certified Facilities.      Support SGP

Printing is renewable, reusable, and recyclable. Last year we printed enough materials to plant well over half a million new trees, and we are 100% landfill free, thanks to SGP. This has resulted in tremendous savings and efficiencies, while doing our part to improve the environment. Our SGP Certification is just one more reason why our customers choose us as their partner.”  

— Sharon Tucker,   Alcom Printing, 
A leading provider of print, direct mail marketing and business development solutions


As a land conservation organization, it’s very important that our publications are produced as “green” as possible. We are extremely impressed by Alcom’s commitment to sustainability. They carefully analyze and manage every part of   their processes, including sourcing sustainable papers and inks, managing a net-zero landfill contribution plant, using software-based proofing systems to minimizing the use of fuel, and using ultra-energy-efficient equipment and building design. And they’ve been able to expertly guide us to ensure that the printing process of our publications reflects our own commitment to be good stewards of the earth.”  

— Willistown Conservation Trust



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Certifying Sustainable Print Facilities in the Graphic Communications Industry