Previously the Onyx, Impala and Nyala had minimum droplet size of 14pl, but will now be available with both options, while existing machines can be upgraded.

According to SwissQprint product manager Kilian Hintermann, the company is the first vendor of flatbed printers incorporating Konica Minolta heads to offer this new, reduced size. “Competitors will introduce this later, but they haven’t yet,” he said.

The company said that updating an existing machine would involve a technician spending half a day upgrading electrical boards and software, and would cost £850-£2,500.

“This will be worth it; it’s a big advantage,” said Hintermann. “The units can now print 2pt font size, which is needed when printing fine art and photography work for example.”

The smaller droplet size has been enabled by advances in SwissQprint’s ability to control droplet placement, said Hintermann, adding: “It’s also about the dot placement and accuracy. Just small dots won’t help if the accuracy’s not good.”