Below is a guest blog post from the team at Performance Plus Global Logistics, the newest addition to the National Buying Program at Printing Industries of America. For more information on how members can take advantage of the great savings as part of this program, visit

The year has gotten off to a busy start with an array of new customers for our team thanks in part to our recent partnership with Printing Industries of America. Performance Plus Global Logistics is excited to have had the opportunity to team up with Printing Industries of America as part of the National Buying Program. This program officially kicked off in January, and we have already seen great success. We have multiple webinars scheduled throughout the weeks with the PIA affiliates and their members, and we have also fielded numerous requests from PIA members to send more information and details regarding the program and how we can help.

There are a great deal of benefits provided to PIA members when it comes to utilizing the Buying Program of Performance Plus to better suit your transportation and logistics needs, all of which have been outlined more specifically on the PIA website and can be found at

The key feature of utilizing Performance Plus that we would really like to express to the PIA members is the use of our transportation management system portal. The portal that we use and are offering to each of you at no cost is much more than just a rating tool and is full of time-saving features that allow you to manage your freight and invoices as well.

For those affiliates and members who are interested in the program and have not yet gotten set up, please contact us today so we can send you more information and get you signed up for one of our upcoming webinars. We have a demo account that we can send to you to begin rating immediately. All we will need from you to be set up in our system is a credit application. Once the credit application has been received and approved, we will get you set up. The setup process for our program is as simple as utilizing the program itself. We look forward to working with each and every one of you.