“We became a reseller about two weeks ago and being an expert in guillotines, as opposed to say book binding equipment, people know us for guillotines,” said Dean Stayne, sales manager of the Nottingham-based company.

“The range is ideal for the high-speed, digital sector. By bringing the process in-house, it will enable printers to work more efficiently and plan effectively for future business growth,” he added.

The Mohr 56, 66 and 80 guillotines have 560mm, 660mm and 800mm widths respectively. The three models come in a more basic ECO version with a smaller screen, and the top end NET cutters, with an 18.5″ touch-screen display, barcode reader and 1,998 program memory positions.

“The ECO version will probably be more popular than the NET because it is cheaper,” he said of the machines ranging in price from around £15,000 to £20,000. “Its functions are also adequate for many jobbing printers.”

Typical users of the Mohr 56 would be digital printers and small copy shops with SRA3 kit such as Xerox, Canon and Ricoh machines. MOHR 66 is aimed at SRA2 digital work, while the Mohr 80 was targeted at larger scale digital outfits and B2 litho printers.

Stayne said the the Mohr brand was recognised for precision and quality and and joins a TCS product portfolio that includes CP Bourg, CCM Premier, Challenge Machinery, Zechini and Bagel.