The new loop.40 cleaning system applies centrifugal forces to clean the dampening solution, collecting polluting media fibres, ink and paper coatings at the rim of a change container which can then be emptied.

The vendor reported that depending on the type of paper used, up to 1.5kg of solid dirt could be separated inside the centrifuge within 24 hours, ensuring dirt does not enter dampening pans.

Dispensing with consumables to perform this process enables printers to reduce their environmental footprint, cut costs and reduce downtime, said Jamie Boggis, sales, key accounts at Technotrans.

“With conventional systems, every time the system is run, the printer is paying for those consumables and then for them to be disposed,” he said, adding: “This system is particularly relevant to those working with substrates that degrade easily, so typically uncoated papers.”

Boggis said that the system costs around £21,000 and that the company was in talks with four or five potential beta testers of the product and had already quoted on half a dozen systems.