Take the Print Master Monday Challenge! Think you know the answers to the quiz questions below? Each Monday, we’ll reveal an answer on our Twitter page.

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1.  In which of the following places can an ICC profile be utilized?

a)  The operating system
b)  PDF creation
c)  Page layout applications
d)  All of these

2.  What two items must a press operator continually balance on an offset press?

a)  Ink and register
b)  Ink and color
c)  Color and register
d)  Ink and water

3.  A unit of measure used to describe differences in color is

a)  Delta A
c)  CMM
d)  Delta E

4.  Fountain solution is primarily composed of

a)  Alcohol
b)  Gum Arabic
c)  Sensitivity solution
d)  Water

Could you or your staff answer these questions? This quiz is just a sample of what you will learn in the Orientation to the Graphic Arts training workshop. Printing Industries of America supports our industry with a variety of in-depth technical training and education opportunities for the seasoned professionals, but we understand that you can’t put the cart before the horse. It’s important that both the novice and the veteran understand the core principles of print.

Why are the fundamentals important? These elements are the “bread and butter,” or the foundation of the printing and graphic arts industry—an industry that is rich in both creativity and technology. New hires and print sales professionals must know these fundamentals to better communicate with each other, and more importantly, the client!

To get oriented (or reoriented) with the industry, join us for the Orientation to the Graphic Arts workshop at Printing Industries of America headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, October 21–24, 2013.

For more on training, visit www.printing.org/training.