According to Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) figures for April 2013, The Guardian recorded the biggest upturn with a 1.15% month-on-month increase to 196,034 followed by The Times and The Telegraph with modest increases of 0.76% and 0.69% respectively.

Among the tabloids circulation uplift was not so evident although The Daily Mirror achieved a month-on-month growth in figures of almost 1%.

Despite the majority of weekday editions achieving at least a small circulation boost, evidently attributable to coverage of Thatcher’s death, there were still those that lost readers.

Surprisingly Tory-title The Daily Mail lost 1% of its usual monthly circulation, while among the quality broadsheets The Financial Times had a 2.5% drop in circulation.

Year-on-year figures, albeit buoyed slightly, continued their overall decline. Not one weekday tabloid experienced growth, with overall decline in the sector of 10.7%, compared to last year, to 4.6m.

Among the quality weekday titles decline in year-on-year circulation continued as well, albeit at a slower pace than last year, with overall decline of 3.7%.

Gains were made by The Times, which achieved 1.6% year-on-year growth to 393,167, and The Independent‘s successful sister title i, which once again grew circulation with a 12% increase to 271,648.