We hear plenty of grim predictions about the future of print. But if you look at what the industry’s fresh talent is producing these days, the future is looking brighter and brighter.

Recent studies say that students prefer print, but did you know many print and graphic arts students are producing outstanding, high-quality printed materials as well? Today’s students tell us a lot about where our industry is heading. That’s why it’s invigorating to see the amazingly creative craftsmanship they’re producing.

Their contributions deserve to showcased! Take a look at some of these outstanding student-produced Premier Print Award winners.

Examples of Student Entries in the Z-1 Category

Examples of Past Entries in the Z-2 Category

Distinguish YOUR Work

The creators of these award-winning pieces entered the Premier Print Awards competition. This prestigious print event offers more than 100 print categories, and we also have special categories reserved just for student entries. Why are students entering the 2014 Premier Print Awards?

  • Students can enter the competition at discounted rates.
  • Winners receive valuable, industry-wide recognition.
  • The online entry system is easy to use. Here’s a blog and a video to tell you more about it!
  • Categories are designed for High School Students (Z-1) and Post-Secondary Students (Z-2).
  • Enter as an individual or as a student group.

Learn more about the 2014 Premier Print Awards at www.printing.org/PPA. The early-bird deadline is 4.18.14. Final entries are due by 5.16.14.

More Opportunities for Students

Entering this competitive job market can be intimidating.  But there are many ways students can network and show their talents, such as:

  • Attending industry trade shows
  • Working in student-run print shops available at some schools
  • Creating an online portfolio or blog
  • Entering print competitions
  • Volunteer to create pieces for a nonprofit or other business

Do you have a great idea for students looking to gain recognition for their work? Let us know here!