You have only to consider the smartphone in your pocket, the tablet device your kids are scrolling through, and the computer that sits ever at the ready on your desk to understand this fact: digital communication is here to stay. Can print remain an important part of the communication mix today? Of course! For example, did you know that one in ten magazine ads contained a mobile action code last year? Integrating print with digital is at the core of what we call “Integrated Print,” and it can represent significant business potential for print and marketing service providers.

Sharing the insights of renowned brand and marketing leaders, social commerce experts, publishers, business entrepreneurs, and printers who are finding new successful business strategies is what the Integrated Print Forum 2013 is all about.

Much like the popular “Ted Talks,” the sessions at Integrated Print Forum, May 14–15, will be presented in a clear, concise format. Our lineup of powerful and expert speakers will deliver their message on one main stage, getting right to the valuable material that attendees need to know—a new idea or technology, a fresh strategic direction, or realistic tactics for business growth.

With the recent release of the lineup of presenters, people are already talking about these sessions that will be presented at the Forum:

The Future of Print Is Digital—Andrew Davis, Monumental Shift
Get inspired to re-think current print, digital, and mobile strategies and consider aligning them as a content continuum instead of unrelated initiatives.

It’s Time for Direct Mail 2.0!—Joy Gendusa, PostcardMania
The concept of Direct Mail 2.0 addresses all of the current issues that can plague direct mail marketing and replaces them with a modern, integrated program. 

The Digital Frontier: What Social Media Means for YOUR Business, YOUR Customers—Jason Falls, Social Media Examiner                                                     Learn why social media is such a powerful sales and marketing force and how we can embrace it to drive offline revenues.

Business Black Box: A Magazine Success Story—Jordana Megonigal, Editor-in-Chief
Explore how a regional business magazine adopted a new way of doing business and, in doing do, is on the way to achieving the sought-after trifecta among publishers: journalistic integrity, full issues, and bottom-line profitability.

Topics at Integrated Print Forum 2013 will include: Social Commerce, Integrated Media Marketing, Online Business Engagement, Business Transformation, and Sales Growth. You can’t miss this event!

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