From automated tellers to radiology, information technology is helping to automate the delivery of products and services. It’s no different with print—automating the print production process creates greater efficiency and less waste. It is also making many printers more profitable.

In fact, Printing Industries of America Ratios studies have shown that about 25% of printers make 100% of the profit in the industry. One thing that these high-earning companies have in common is that they replace much of their labor with automation.

Would you like to say that you can have a job on press in less than 10 minutes from its order time? Or how would you like to guarantee your customers that their jobs will ship the same day if the order is placed in the morning? If you have an automation strategy, there are plenty of benefits. But before you begin, you need the right education.

Find the tools to help you learn how to implement an automated system. Printing Industries of America has plenty of resources to get you up to date, including events, publications, and webinars. Take advantage of our automation resources like reports, articles, and the Tech Hotline.

If you want to be the best, learn directly from the best. Take part in the events from the Automation Solutions Network  that highlight a company exemplifying best automation practices. Their meetings are excellent ways to network and learn. This May you can attend the newest event that will take you behind the scenes to see automation successfully implemented at Digital Lizard and Creel Printing. Hear about automated workflows and equipment straight from the company leaders. The meeting takes place May 2–3, 2013, in Las Vegas, NV. Find more information and a presentation schedule here

Hear from Digital Lizard president about how his company gets its edge.

You will want to read up on the intricacies of automation technologies before you implement a system. Printing Industries of America offers many titles and webinars on automation through our bookstore. One of our newest titles is JDF Workflow: A Guide to Automation in the Graphic Communications Industry. Vital for print professionals and students, this book explains how to implement print automation and what you can accomplish. Get an in-depth review of this title and the importance of automation from James Harvey of CIP4 here.

For more on automation, visit the Automation Solutions Network page.