You have probably heard by now that the 2013 Color Management Conference, December 7–10, in Phoenix is the event of the year for the latest on achieving predictable brand color. By attending this event, you will have access to the latest in cutting-edge technologies and techniques that can help you build profits.  

We want to share some of the benefits you may not have heard that really make this event the icing on the cake of 2013! Here are the top 5 unique reasons why you should be in Phoenix for the Color Management Conference:

#1 Real-World Color Success Stories

Hear from big brand names like Kimberly-Clark, Kohl’s, and American Airlines as representatives discuss managing brand color across diverse media and when it might make sense to offload the responsibility for color management and ultimately a brand’s color integrity to a third-party organization.

#2 Renowned Players

Big names like Russell Brown! Sven Seger! Dr. Taz Tally!
Russell Brown brings his Russell Brown Show to the Color Management Conference with, The Russell Brown Show: Live! You don’t want to miss this Emmy-award winner go on the journey through the history of Adobe Photoshop while providing tips and tricks for Photoshop users of any skill level.
Sven Seger, Chief Creative Officer, North America, FutureBrand, takes attendees on a ride discussing the rebranding of the iconic logo for American Airlines. “Finding ways to modernize the brand, while tying its iconic heritage to its human qualities, was a challenging process,” says Seger. You don’t want to miss this though-provoking session. 
And don’t miss the pre-conference session with  Dr. Taz Tally, who’s unique in his own right! He’s a world-renowned photographer, author, consultant, and instructor. This adventure seeker lives life to the fullest in Alaska, often traveling to ski in Utah and whale watch in Hawaii. Discover more adventure with Dr. Tally in his pre-conference photography shoot against a dazzling desert backdrop.

#3 Information for All
This conference’s three tracks—for designers and brand managers, print production folks, and standards experts (affectionately known as color “geeks”)— focus on specific needs in the color workflow. But did you know attendees can choose sessions from any of these tracks? So if you’re in production, feel free to jump on the Geek Track and learn about the latest ISO 12647 and 15339 standards updates. You’re a brand manager? Join a Production session on new proofing tech. It’s a virtual buffet of knowledge, so why not look at the Session Descriptions and create your own perfect conference for maximum ROI!

#4 Hands-On Labs
With the nine labs being presented at the Color Management Conference, attendees will get a hands-on experience with the latest in technology and techniques any color enthusiast would need. Labs cover PDF and Acrobat (presented by Adobe Systems Incorporated’s own Dov Issacs) to Proofing and Digital Press Output to G7.

#5 Location, Location, Location!
Our venue, The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ, is nothing short of spectacular thanks to luxurious interiors and picturesque desert surroundings, which is where the Pre-conference lab, Update Your Photography and Color Correction Workflow with Lightroom and Photoshop: Capture, Critique and Color Correct High-quality Images with Dr. Taz Tally takes place.

Don’t miss out on the 2013 Color Management Conference, December 7–10. Visit our website for more information and to register at To learn more about getting accurate, predictable color, see the Color Management Conference blog.