Check out the latest books reviewed by Mary Garnett.  The books selected were Problogger: The Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income and The Thank You Economy.

Problogger:  If you have started a blog, you already know the challenges associated with creating content, gaining traffic to the blog and earning money for your efforts.  The magic three are difficult if not impossible.  To earn a six-figure income for blogging adds an amazing feat to the list.  Yet the authors Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett are doing that and more.  If you have any level of interest in blogging, or even just writing solid, attention-getting content, this book is for you.  Click here for Problogger.  

Thank You Economy.  If you are a fan or have heard of the author, Gary Vaynerchuck, you will enjoy this book as well as learn from his suggestions and examples.  Every printer or small business owner can profit from the guidelines of this book. Gary is an example that was highlighted in Social Media Field Guide: A Resource for Graphic Communicators  Gary is well known for his achievements in catapulting his local family-owned wine store into a national darling and in his demonstrating a sterling example of the impact of social media on a small business.  Click here for The Thank You Economy.