Ultra Board Fire will be unveiled at Fespa next month, along with new company branding and website.

Fire is the latest in the Ultra Board range of display panels, which the company said are sustainably manufactured and ideal for retail, internal signage and exhibition stand applications, and is “100% fire-retardant”. Like the rest of the Ultra Board range, the new product uses a honeycomb structure for a strong yet light material.

The company said that Fire is ideal for applications that require an eco-friendly, fire-rated alternative to PVC, adding that it was well-suited to a range of uses including POS, exhibition and retail displays and stand-alone signs in fire safety locations.

The surface facing is also appropriate for digital and screen printing as the product has been developed to have a whiter surface designed specifically to take coloured ink.

Marketing manager Alex Brownhill said: “Ultra Board Fire gives our customers great quality print with that extra reassurance of a fire-rated product, and also as it is 100% recyclable.”