Cash mobs are the latest trend in “mobbing” on social media.  A cash mob is a positive experience according to people who have been “mobbed.”  In a cash mob the purpose is to support local small businesses by showing up and spending at least $20; meet three new people; and have fun.  So far cities around the world have been involved.  Andrew Samtoy, an attorney, kicked off cash mobs after being exposed to the summer riots in Britain last year where mobs were vandalizing stores and communicating the plan through social media. He wanted to try something positive that would introduce people to a small businesses with limited marketing reach.   There is a blog   about the cash mobs as well as many news reports.  See    So far, the owners, who are notified and must agree, are pleased with the results.  Cleveland Ohio even started an International Cash Mob Day   One owner reported sales of $9K in three hours. Many mobbers spend well over the $20.  This is an example of social media for good.   This positive movement  of cash mobbing sounds good on the surface with all the ground rules in place. I like the idea of the goal to “Meet People, Spend and Have Fun.”  Time will tell if cash mobs are a fad, a trend, or a “flash in the pan.”