We rely on a lot of business products in our industry: papers, inks, presses, computers, and lots of material elements! But one component supersedes technologies—great employees.

The best companies in the industry recognize their importance with devoted Human Relations Managers investing in their employees, hiring and retaining skilled professionals who, according to countless studies, perform better and stay longer with their company. Every day hard-working people are adding greater value to their organizations. They are the faces and personalities behind the products, contributing their skills and passion for their work.

These are the companies who enter the Best Workplaces in the Americas competition from Printing Industries of America.

Here are some winning examples of sound HR practices:

“Communication meetings are held on a monthly basis by the Senior Management Team. The plant is normally in full operation 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. However, during these hour-long Communication Meetings, the presses and other work stop so that all employees can hear the same message from the owners. One is held for each shift. The meeting consists of sharing the monthly sales goal and comparing to the actual sales, company announcements, employee recognition, and usually a topic employees can be training on. At least once a quarter, we also work in a team-building exercise for the employees to complete.”

Best Work Environment practice: MOSAIC, Cheverly, MD.—BWA Winner, 2011

“In addition to the benefits of our wellness program, TLP implemented an on-site dietician available to all employees—temporary employees included. Once a month, our designated dietician comes on site to meet with employees for 30 minutes each. We’ve had a huge response to this initiative with almost a 50% participation rate.

Best Health and Wellness practice: Tailored Label Products, Menomonee Falls, WI.—BWA Winner, 2011

(For more winning practices, see the Best Practices of the Best Workplaces in the Americas volumes.)

Sound like your workplace? These are samples of the high-caliber HR practices that are entered in the BWA competition. We recognize the companies truly committed to their workforce.

It is a win-win situation because employees benefit from excellent HR policies, and companies can showcase their admirable practices.

Here is what a few past winners had to say:

“At Fusion, we use the Best Workplace win to promote our company in a few different ways, especially for recruiting and to promote the company as a whole. We use the logo on a  table banner at career fairs and technical school presentations;  display the plaques in our lobby. This gets lots of attention and is a great conversation starter about the company to any visitors, whether they’re potential job candidates, vendors, customers, or suppliers.”
—Sheila Greco, Fusion Paperboard
2012 “Best of the Best” Small Company Winner

“We make sure to reference the Best Workplace award on all of our FRQs and FRIs from customers. Customers want to know that the employees are happy and work at a place that respects and rewards them for their contributions. A BWA award also tells our customers that we probably have low turnover. Low turnover= experienced craftsmen.”
—Michelle Waterhouse, Hopkins Printing
2012 “Best of the Best” Medium-size Company Winner

Does your company take pride in its motivating HR practices? Learn more about the 2013 Best Workplace in the Americas program and how it can help your company recruit and retain the best employees at www.printing.org/bwa. The deadline to enter this year’s competition is September 30, 2013.