Where would we be today without technology and innovation? We’ve seen new technologies in areas like workflow automation, high-speed inkjet, and intelligent mail that provide industry members with expanded opportunities. Printing Industries of America has a dedicated team that stays on top of advancing technologies and how they will likely impact the future of our industry.

What began with the Lithographic Technical Foundation (LTF), which became the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF), has grown into the Center for Technology and Research. Members of the printing and graphic arts community recognize us as the trusted source for technical information, testing services, publications, expert training, and consultation.

So what can the Center for Technology and Research do for you? Take a look at some of the benefits we offer that make your organization more profitable and efficient.

Contract Research, Consulting, and Custom Training
We have solutions for your unique issues. When your company needs testing to solve a production issue, we create a customized research plan. Consultation services provide an unbiased assessment of your company’s performance. Our custom training programs give your employees the training they need when and where they need it.

Lab Services, Process Controls, and Product Testing
Do you need to implement materials quality control? Do you have a print problem leaving you stumped? We’re one of the few places in the world with the expertise and equipment to diagnose and analyze it for you. We also design and sell devices such color bars, test forms, and light indicators to improve your control of print production. Finally, we routinely test paper, ink, and other materials on press to help suppliers improve their products.

Technical Hotline
Speaking of “calling upon” experts, with our Tech Hotline, just pick up the phone and dial a technical expert! This is a free member service. We’ve helped with thousands of issues, so call our Technical Consultant, Dillon Mooney, at 1-800-910-4283, ext 786.

This one-of-a-kind press training simulation software recreates press operations which schools and companies can use as a practice press. It exposes trainees to a variety of printing conditions and problems, provides a “hands on” component to a training class, and can also be used to assess an individual’s skill level.

InterTech Technology Award
Has your company developed an innovation that you expect to have a significant impact on the industry? The InterTech™ Technology Awards have honored the development of technologies predicted to have a major impact on the graphic arts and related industries. More than 80% of technologies that receive an award experience continued commercial success in the marketplace.

Automation and JDF

We have solutions and best practices for implementing automation in your facility, regardless of its size. Our JDF certification gives you the confidence that the products will operate in your workflow and derive the benefits of automation.

More Free Resources
We provide many free resources, such as our MIS and Mailing surveys, free webinars and reports, our Tech Alert newsletter that provides solutions and insights for your technical needs, and also a production manager listserv for both our staff and your peers to help solve your problems.

The Center for Technology and Research is a part of our company headquarters near Pittsburgh, PA, where we have a state-of-the-art research and printing facility. Our experts share decades of experience and are passionate about what they do.

As an industry member, are you taking advantage of these resources yet? Just go to www.printing.org/ctr to learn more and see a complete list of our services and products. If you’re not sure where to turn, contact the helpdesk at 1-800-920-4283, ext 786.