The new pink, white and beige inks join the existing Zircon range of blue, yellow and brown. The oil-based range is compatible with the single pass, four colour Xennia Ultramarine ceramic tile printing system and with other “major digital ceramic printing machines”.

The inks can be used for printing on both fired tiles and a range of unfired glazes.

The range’s USP is a colour strength and density previously hard to reach on single pass digital printers, said Xennia.

“Zircon white, pink and beige show strong colour vibrancy and high opacity. The inks offer a high level of colour stability across a wide range of glazes, eliminating colour differences between wall and floor tiles,” said Olivier Morel, Xennia’s chief technology officer.

“The wider gamut achieved when using Zircon colours allows the designer to reveal the finer details in the highlight and shadow areas that are embedded in marble, stone, wood pattern effects which has previously not been visible,” added Morel.

The Xeninx Zircon range are priced between £10-£40 per kilo depending on volume and colour.