The new, single pass sheet-fed or roll-fed machine, uses Memjet inkjet technology and is targeted at printers servicing the indoor poster, banner, signage and point-of-purchase display graphics markets.

The manufacturer claims that at speeds of 420 sqm/h at 1600dpi, the IJP2000 can print jobs more than 40 times faster than “comparable” wide format systems and is able to maintain quality and output speed without being impacted by substrate type or width. The machine can handle substrates up to 42in (106cm) and 190gsm.

Nine-metre banners can be produced in one minute, according to Xerox.

The printer, which is driven by Caldera’s Grand RIP Plus, is suitable for a range of substrates such as textile, vinyl, backlit and stoplight films as well as standard and coated papers and uses aqueous inkjet, dye-based inks in CMYK.

It comprises five stationary print heads that the manufacturer said utilise “breakthrough” technology enabling printers to achieve results that “have been previously unattainable in the market”.

Vice president of Inkjet Business at Xerox, Dustin Graupmann said: “We anticipate this being a breakthrough product, which is going to redefine the speed quality combination in the market.

Graupmann said that the new machine had been designed to meet changing needs in the industry such as shorter turnaround times as well as personalisation and versioning.

“We think these are all strengths of Xerox and that the IJP will meet some of those demands in the market,” he added.

Graupmann said that printers would only need to run the machine for 45 minutes a day or for 2,000 to 5,000sq metres a month to achieve “a good return”.

“This machine has the potential to have plenty of available capacity for printers to continue to grow their businesses and also gives them the unique opportunity to retire multiple older devices,” he added.

The list price for the IJP2000 is available on request and will be commercially available from July.