Like its predecessor the latest iteration of Xerox’s iGen150 delivers speeds of up to 150 A4 ppm at resolutions of 2,400dpi.

The device also incorporates the Xerox Confident Color suite, which includes an inline spectrophotometer for colour consistency, as well as auto-density control and matte and gloss dry inks.

New features include Object Oriented Half Toning and a choice of line screens providing users with greater control over colour consistency across each page, with a new 210 lines-per-inch line screen improving skin tones and maintaining fine details.

Xerox UK product marketing manager Ian Mitchell said: “The choice of screens allows printers to apply the correct line screen to the right part of the page, so it maintains sharp text and lines that are expected from the 150, whilst improving the images and sweeps.

Previously there may have been a trade-off where you might lose in one area what you gain in another, but now the superb quality is upheld across all images and text on the same page.

“We are really targeting the growing photobook and photo application market with this. The UK is a reasonably slow adopter of this market and we want to help our customers diversify into it, because everyone is looking to stand out.”

The device also features improved auto-streak detection, and can process a greater range of stock thanks to improved tray automation.

The DFE uses Xerox’s new Freeflow Print Server v9 as well as the EFI Fiery FS100 platform, which is claimed to cut RIPing and processing times by up to 30%.

Mitchell added: “Overall this is about improving the automation and improving the value proposition of the machine which is about productivity, predictability and profitability.”

The new model will be ready for shipping and available to view in Xerox’s Uxbridge, UK showroom from 1 October.