YPS has invited Mimaki distributor Hybrid Services and packaging software supplier FFEI on to its stand for the show in Harrogate from 14 to 16 May, said the former’s managing director Garry Brown.

“Our plan is to combine our experience in the commercial print market with our expertise in wide-format digital inkjet,” he said. “We will show a full packaging prototyping workflow and versatile digital proofing process, plus routes into lucrative new market areas such as signage and promotional items.”

A Mimaki UJF-6042 A2 digital flat-bed printer and CF2-1218 cutter will execute complex packaging prototypes. Designs can be visualised on the FFEI RealVue 3D packager application, simulating all aspects of the intended printed design.

“This simplification of the prototype creation process engenders significant time and cost savings while belying impressive power for the refinement of artwork data,” he explained.

Package designs will be transferred to the Mimaki FineCut suite, which aids precise offline cutting before printing. The UJF-6042’s flexible UV-curable ink set ensures complex folds and creases without leaving cracks on the print

“We will create packaging using 3D software in a demo that involves printing and cutting right through to the finished thing,” said Brown, adding the “real eye opener” at the show would be the software.

“People can be naïve on technology and how it features in their market. Conventional packaging printers tend to be up on software but they are not that up to speed on how easy and accessible the digital technology is to them.”

Printers looking to refine their packaging proofing workflows will see the Mimaki CJV30-60 integrated print-and-cut engine, producing four-colour print plus metallic and white onto a diverse array of substrates, including metallic foil. Also on the stand will be the Mimaki JV33-130 1.3m wide-format machine.

Hybrid Services national sales manager John de la Roche said: “YPS has made a great impact and we’re delighted they’ll be flying the Mimaki and Hybrid Services flag so visibly at North Print and Pack this year.

“What we hope to deliver to the market our true commercial propositions for printers looking to refine, reinvent or expand their business.”